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An Energy Source in Your Own Backyard

A ground source heat pump, or geothermal heat pump, can turn your backyard into an energy source for efficient heating and cooling comfort for your Peoria or Pekin-area home or business.

By circulating water through a loop system buried in your backyard, the geothermal heat pump transfers heat from the ground to air or water. While outdoor air temperatures fluctuate throughout the year, 4 to 6 feet below the surface, ground temperatures remain constant all year round. A geothermal system takes advantage of this to supply:

  • Forced-air heat

  • Radiant or hydronic heat

  • Central air conditioning

  • Domestic hot water

During the heating cycle, low-grade heat is extracted from the ground in a fluid, compressed to a higher temperature, and delivered to your home through standard ductwork or radiators.

During the cooling cycle, the process is reversed, the system removes heat from the house and transfers it to the ground. The cooled liquid is then returned to the unit to continue cooling your home.

Upgrading Your Heating & Cooling Systems

Geothermal comfort can come to you in a package system or in a split system for use with existing ductwork, where it is paired with a high-efficiency natural gas furnace or electric fan coil. Geothermal systems can also be designed and sized to supply hot water at your tap, as well.

Geothermal can be the most efficient way to heat and cool your home if all the factors line up properly, including the existing heating system, the existing delivery system, and the area available for the ground loop.

One of the major factors in the decision to invest in a geothermal system is how energy efficient your house is. We recommend a whole home energy audit to determine what air sealing and insulation upgrades you can make before purchasing a geothermal system. The more energy efficient your Illinois building, the smaller of a heat pump you will need, so it is an important first step. Let AAA Northgate help you get from that energy audit to the installation.

Investing in A Geothermal System for Your Peoria-Area Home

AAA Northgate is a proud Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer. Every geothermal system we install is guaranteed to provide you with reliable, energy-efficient home comfort. We offer installations for systems of all sizes, from single family homes to multi-family buildings throughout Central Illinois.

How much you will save by replacing your existing system with geothermal will depend on how much you are currently spending on heating and cooling in your house, how large a system you need to heat your house, and what kind of distribution system (ductwork or radiators, for example) is already in place.

A geothermal package is a larger investment than a replacement furnace or boiler. AAA Northgate will guide you through a cost-comparison exercise to determine whether geothermal is right for you. We know the challenge of budgeting for such large and crucial expense — that’s why we offer financing for all of our Carrier products.


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