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Ductless Mini-split Systems in Peoria, Bloomington, Morton, and Pekin

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So it’s time to upgrade your heating system. Will you go with traditional heating or a ductless mini-split? Which option you choose depends on your home and needs. Traditional heat cools your home by sending warm air through air ducts. This is a great option for whole-home heating and is more affordable to install if you already have ductwork.

A ductless mini-split is installed directly in the room it conditions and provides targeted cooling without any ductwork providing heat in the winter! You could install one mini-split in a hard-to-condition area, or install multiple mini-splits for whole-home heating system. Both traditional heating and mini-splits come in efficient options, meaning both can help you lower your utility bills. Find out which warmer option is best for you!



It’s all in the name! This type of cooling system skips the ductwork (ductless). Cooling refrigerant is transferred between the indoor and outdoor units that are “split” on either side of an exterior wall. The thermodynamic principles are the same as a traditional air conditioner without needing to blow the air to different areas of your home.

The units are connected with a conduit through a small hole in the wall containing electrical wires and refrigerant tubing. Heat is removed and transferred to the outdoors when air passes over the inside unit (AC head). Learn more about Ductless Air Conditioning in our resource center.


Each indoor unit has a capacity for the amount of space it can keep climate-controlled. But it’s important to know that multiple indoor units can be installed in different rooms. These heads can all connect to the same outdoor condenser unit.

This is known as a multi-split AC system. Typically, up to 5 AC heads can be installed with a single outdoor condenser. So if you’re looking to cool a couple of bedrooms, your living room, and the kitchen, this is a very manageable install.


Yes! Some ducted AC systems experience up to 30% energy loss. In a ducted system, energy must be used to disperse cool air around the building. Central AC can also lose some cool air to ducts that have cracks, holes, or gaps.

Ductless air conditioning provides climate control only in rooms you want. So instead of sending cool air to every vent in your home, a mini split system cools only the space surrounding the indoor blower unit.

So energy-efficient, yes. But ductless AC is limited by the size of space a single head can keep cool in hot weather.


Not every building structure is a prime candidate for ductless AC. But in the right spaces, mini split air conditioning has many benefits. These include:

  • Ductless AC can be installed almost anywhere. In homes without ductwork or spaces in a building that can’t support ductwork, mini split AC makes a lot of sense.
  • Versatile climate control with each indoor unit. Each AC head is controlled individually. This means it’s quick and easy to get the temperature you want, and each room can have a different comfort level.
  • Ductless AC is super quiet. Aside from a barely distinguishable hum, you won’t notice your mini split system while it’s actively cooling. The same can’t always be said for ducted AC blowing around your living space.

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