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Don’t Let Your Boiler Date Your System

Outdated boilers are energy guzzlers. Upgrading to a high-efficiency boiler is an effective way to reduce your energy bills in your Morton or Pekin home.

AFUE & Boiler Efficiency

The annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) is the percentage of fuel that produces heat for your comfort versus heat lost up the chimney.

Currently, ENERGY STAR® gas boilers must have an AFUE of at least 90 percent, while ENERGY STAR® oil boilers must have an AFUE of at least 87 percent. An electric boiler with no chimney losses has an AFUE rating of 100 percent.

Older, low-efficiency boilers can have an AFUE as low as 55 percent. That means you could potentially cut your heating bill in half by switching out an old, low-efficiency boiler for a new, high-efficiency unit.

The Benefits of a High-Efficiency Boiler

When natural gas or oil burns, water vapor and carbon dioxide are the by-products. These warm waste gases travel through the boiler’s flue and escape into the outside atmosphere, taking valuable heat with them.

Some high-efficiency boilers include sealed combustion, where outside air is brought directly into the burner and exhaust gases are vented directly to the outside. This eliminates combustion spillage and backdrafting of combustion gases.

Other very high-efficiency units, called condensing boilers, are able to recover most of the heat in the waste gases that would normally be lost up the chimney. The waste gases travel through a heat exchanger, where they cool and condense. The recovered heat is used to warm the water that returns from the radiators as it enters the boiler.

Working with AAA Northgate

Take advantage of our free in-home consultation and estimating service. Let our expert team help you choose the right high-efficiency ENERGY STAR® Carrier boiler for your in Peoria or Bloomington home. Our Carrier product line includes advanced technology including sealed combustion and condensing boilers.

Energy efficiency improvements to your home can also save you money when you replace your boiler. Reducing air leakage and improving insulation levels will help reduce your heating bills for the long term! If your improvements are extensive enough, you may be able to purchase a smaller unit.

Investing in A Energy Efficient Boiler

AAA Northgate is a proud Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer. Every boiler we install is guaranteed to provide you with reliable, energy-efficient home comfort.

We offer replacement installations for systems of all sizes, from single family homes to multi-family buildings throughout Peoria, Bloomington, Morton, and Pekin. We know the challenge of budgeting for such a large and crucial expense, that’s why we offer financing for all of our Carrier products.

If you plan on financing the purchase, the monthly savings on your utility bill may permit you to purchase a more efficient system.


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