It’s safe to say that just about every homeowner here in the East Peoria area would love to save money, boost indoor comfort, and conserve more energy at home. But is there really a way to achieve these kinds of goals?

With proper home insulation, there is. Insulation is a homeowner’s best friend because it not only improves indoor comfort but also conserves energy and helps you save money. Here’s how.

How Insulation Stabilizes Indoor Temperatures

Hidden away in attics and behind finished walls, insulation is the unsung hero that keeps you and your family comfortable year-round. Insulation works by slowing heat flow through concrete, walls, and other building materials. During the winter, it keeps valuable heat in; in the summer, it keeps unwanted heat out. You might think of insulation as a sweater or koozie for your home.

The Benefits Go Beyond Home Comfort

Insulation goes a long way in helping you feel comfortable no matter what’s going on outside; but home comfort isn’t the only benefit it offers. When temperatures inside your home are more consistent, you can expect a number of additional perks, including:

  • Less need to run heating & AC equipment

  • Longer lasting heating & AC equipment

  • A more energy efficient home overall

  • Lower utility bills from month to month

  • Greater protection against moisture issues

Insulation also provides soundproofing. So, when your house is properly insulated, you can relax in your quiet, comfortable home. .

So, Where Do I Need to Insulate?

If you want to gain the full benefits of proper insulation, it’s important to take a whole-home approach to insulating your home. The most beneficial areas to insulate are the attic, exterior walls, floors, and crawlspace. In these areas, heat has the greatest tendency to escape and enter your living spaces. A home performance expert can help you determine exactly where your home needs insulation during a home energy audit.

As you upgrade the insulation in your home, don’t forget about air sealing. Air sealing with spray foam eliminates air leaks which allow air to travel freely throughout your home. Without proper air sealing, air will pass right through your insulation, making it less effective.

We’re Your Local Insulation Expert

If you’re looking to start experiencing the benefits of proper insulation in your own home, look to the experts at AAA Northgate. With advanced tools as well as years of experience and expertise, we can uncover any hidden areas that are in need of air sealing and re-insulation. Then, we’ll install high performance insulation like cellulose or spray foam to give you the comfort and energy efficiency you’ve been looking for.

Discover what upgrading your insulation can do for you and your family. Call 1-309-408-0737 or contact us to get answers to your insulation questions!