The holidays are fast approaching. You may have time off scheduled and might be having family and friends come to stay. While you may be ready for a break and some quality time with your loved ones, your home may not be prepared.

During the bitter winter weather that’s already starting here in the Peoria, IL area, you definitely won’t be opening your windows, so your home’s air may become stale. You might also notice odd smells and drafts, or even experience breathing difficulties.

Make sure the holidays in your home are healthy and comfortable with these tips:

1. Heating Maintenance

Your home’s furnace or boiler needs to be serviced regularly to ensure it works well. In addition to keeping your home warm and preventing unexpected breakdowns, heating maintenance can prevent the threat of carbon monoxide (CO).

Having your boiler or furnace annually maintained by a professional will provide you with peace of mind over the holidays. You’ll be sure that you, your family and your guests will stay warm and safe without the potential for CO poisoning.

2. Air Sealing & Insulation

With the below-freezing temperatures making themselves at home here in Illinois, your home needs to be warm. If its building envelope isn’t sealed or adequately insulated, heat can quickly escape. This can cause drastic temperature changes between rooms and cold, unpleasant drafts.

Staying comfortable, warm and healthy over the holidays can be achieved if your home has been air sealed and has proper insulation installed. You’ll save on your home’s heating costs and continue to reap the benefits during the summer when your home is noticeably cooler.

3. Improve Indoor Air Quality

Weatherization improves your home’s energy efficiency, helps you save on your utility bills and ensures you stay more comfortable. However, a tight home envelope with reduced natural ventilation can affect your home’s indoor air quality. Your home’s air can become musty and stagnant during the Illinois winter.

Having your home’s indoor air quality tested will provide you with the insights about what you can do to reduce indoor air pollution and alleviate any winter dryness you may be experiencing.

Happy Holidays with Help from AAA Northgate One Hour Heating & Air

The specialists at AAA Northgate One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating can make your holidays healthy and comfortable. We can prepare your home with heating maintenance, air sealing, insulation and indoor air quality testing.

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