Homeowners living in and around Peoria, IL have a lot on their plates. Between work, running the kids to soccer practice, cleaning up around the house and everything else, it can be difficult to ever find the time to focus on improving your home’s energy efficiency and performance. When it comes to the health and safety of your family, however, taking a closer look at your home and how it’s functioning isn’t just a good idea—it’s a necessary part of having peace of mind and home comfort.

Not sure if your home is a healthy home? You’re not alone. Fortunately, AAA Northgate can help you determine whether or not there’s work left to be done to create a healthy, clean living environment.
What Factors Affect Whole Home Health?

Your home is made up of a group of systems –heating and cooling units, appliances, climate, occupants and more — that work together to create a functional, efficient environment. As the home ages and maintenance is overlooked, not everything will always continue to operate properly. Your HVAC system’s filters may clog, your ductwork may get dirty or form leaks…the list is endless. Most of the time, issues such as this result in poor home performance and uncomfortable rooms. In many cases, these issues can even make your living environment downright unhealthy.

There are a variety of factors that can affect indoor air quality (IAQ). Take, for example, a leaky building envelope. If you live in a city environment and your home’s building envelope isn’t properly sealed, dirty outside air can enter into your home with ease, creating an entirely new set of issues that can wreak havoc on those who experience respiratory issues. Other factors include:

  • Faulty HVAC Equipment
  • Leaky Ductwork
  • Mold/Moisture/Mildew
  • Improper Air Sealing
  • Dirty, Thin Insulation

The Solution? A Home Energy Audit with AAA Northgate!

At AAA Northgate, we’ve seen time and time again what happens when minor issues are addressed, only to manifest themselves in some way shape or form again down the road. This is why we take a “whole home approach” to issues in your home. Whether you’re facing uneven home temperature, poor indoor air quality, discomfort or something else, our team takes the entire home into consideration and looks for any factors that may be contributing to problems. It’s all part of our home energy audit process, which is the best way to get a comprehensive look at exactly how well your home is functioning. Once we have the data, we’ll make recommendations to help take your home to the next level and improve it once and for all.

No one deserve to breathe dirty air while relaxing at home. Contact us today to learn more and to schedule a home energy audit!