For homeowners living in and around Peoria, IL, getting through the summer often means running an AC at full blast for weeks on end. While it’s true that the summer weather can be taxing on our HVAC equipment, an AC that doesn’t properly cool a home may simply not be the right size for the space. “Rightsizing” an AC can be easier said than done, and if this step was skipped before the installation phase, it may explain the problems you’re experiencing.

Not sure whether your air conditioner is properly sized for your home? Here are a few things you need to know.

Why is “Rightsizing” Important?

Many people assume that if they have a large air conditioner installed in their home, it’s going to be able to handle just about any temperature that gets thrown at it. This may be true, but it also means that your energy costs will be through the roof. The same can be said for installing an AC that’s too small to cool a room or section of a home. Not only will it have an incredibly difficult time keeping the home cool, but it will run your AC bill through the roof.

While air conditioning units are primarily thought of as tools for keeping our homes cool, they also function to keep humidity levels low. In an ideal home, humidity levels will be kept below 60%. ACs that aren’t properly sized cannot help to make this happen, as they’re already fighting to keep temperatures low and—in many cases—failing to measure up.

Combining Rightsizing with Insulation

Choosing an AC that is properly sized for your home is a big part of the battle when attempting to boost energy efficiency and create a more comfortable home environment, but there are other factors that must also be taken into consideration. At the top of this list will always be insulation, especially when the home’s building envelope has been properly airsealed.

Picture this combination being akin to a sweater and windbreaker keeping the cool air of your AC from escaping, and it’s easy to understand just how important insulation and air sealing are when it comes to energy efficiency.

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