Winter is right around the corner here in Peoria, which has many Illinois homeowners looking for ways in which to prepare for the cold months that lay ahead. One excellent way to do this is to beef-up your home’s air sealing and insulation, but another solution can be found in performing a furnace tune-up. After all, no one wants to deal with unexpected emergency heating repairs in the dead of winter, and those who have gone through such an ordeal know just how important it is to perform regular heating system maintenance.

So, is a furnace tune-up worthwhile? In short, yes— here’s why.

Furnace Tune-ups: Like a Visit to the Mechanic

In order to fully understand just how crucial a furnace tune-up can be, consider the example of your car. When you drive a new car off the lot for the first time, it often feels as if the vehicle is nothing short of invincible. Over time, however, you begin to realize that keeping the car running at peak performance requires work—brake pads need replacing, air filters need to be cleaned and oil changes need to occur regularly. If these and other types of maintenance are ignored, the vehicle will run itself into the ground far more quickly than if it were to be properly maintained by a good mechanic.

The same concept applies to your furnace. Heavy usage (especially during the winter) can result in problems, some benign and some that can be very dangerous to the health and safety of you and your family. Eventually, the heating system will breakdown, which leads to expensive repairs when you least expect them. All of these “nightmare scenarios” can be avoided, and it takes nothing more than an appointment with a heating specialist at AAA Northgate One Hour Heating & Air.

A Typical Maintenance Appointment

While all furnaces are unique, there are a number of characteristics found in all of our heating system maintenance appointments. The furnace’s thermostat is cleaned and adjusted, as well as all safety devices and the pilot flame or ignition system. Next, burners and the furnace’s blower motor are adjusted and lubricated as needed. We then perform a complete check on the flue, blower, and electrical connections, checking to ensure that everything is tight and that there is no potential for carbon monoxide leakage. Finally, we run a full cycle, taking note of any strange noises or operational issues and adjusting things as necessary.

Maintenance is the key to getting the most out of your furnace’s lifespan, reducing energy bills and keeping your family warm and comfortable this winter.

Ready to move forward? AAA Northgate One Hour Heating & Air is here to help. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule an appointment with one of our heating maintenance specialists.