Daily highs are finally climbing back into the 50s in the Peoria area, and we’re quickly approaching that in-between season when you need both your furnace and your air conditioner to stay comfortable. Are you already dreading the constant trips to your thermostat to adjust the temperature?

With the right home comfort upgrades, it’s a whole lot easier to stay cool — or warm — inside your home at this time of year. Plus, with energy efficiency incentives from Ameren Illinois, upgrading your home comfort is simpler and more affordable than you may think! Here are a few HVAC improvements that are especially wise to consider during early spring.

Schedule an Air Conditioning Tune-up

Many people turn on their air conditioner for the first time in the spring, only to find that it struggles to provide the reliable cooling they were expecting. Scheduling a tune-up for your air conditioner now lets your HVAC technician catch any issues before you really need your air conditioner. Plus, early maintenance gets your air conditioner running more efficiently for lower cooling costs all spring and summer.

The home comfort specialists at AAA Northgate One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning will service all makes and types of air conditioning systems in the Peoria area. We’ve seen the comfort difference that early AC maintenance can make!

Target Hard to Condition Areas with Mini Splits

Do you have a room or area in your home that is notoriously hard to keep comfortable? Maybe you keep a steady supply of space heaters and fans in the new addition, or maybe you find yourself adjusting the temperature of the entire house just to make a certain bedroom bearable.

For hard to condition areas, AAA Northgate One Hour Heating & Air recommends a targeted heating and cooling solution: ductless mini splits (also known as ductless heat pumps). Ductless mini-splits provide energy efficient conditioning wherever you choose to install one. Plus, they eliminate the need for ductwork — so having one installed is very straightforward.

Upgrade That Outdated Furnace

Many homeowners in Peoria, Morton, Pekin, and Bloomington have an older furnace that they’ve been trying to keep running winter after winter. Is your furnace one of them?

While your mind may be on turning off your heating system for good after a long winter, now is an opportune time to upgrade that outdated furnace. Opting for furnace replacement now lets you schedule new furnace installation at a time that is most convenient for you — on a day when you know you will not need your heating system. Plus, when you choose an energy efficient furnace, you can rest easy knowing that running your heating system isn’t going to make your energy bills skyrocket later on.

AAA Northgate One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning is proud to be a trusted HVAC contractor serving homeowners in Peoria, IL. If you’re looking to upgrade your home comfort before the weather heats up — and take advantage of Ameren Illinois incentives as you do so — get in touch with our team!

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