You can finally feel the summer heat here in the Peoria, IL area and while most locals are hoping this means days of endless sunshine and warmth, that’s not the case. Summer in this region of Illinois means variable weather, where one day can feel like height of summer and the next it feels as though the outside world has reverted to winter.

Variable Summer Weather Causes Discomfort

With temperatures fluctuating from day to day, it’s all too likely you’re uncomfortable at one time or another. You might have already turned on your air conditioning at some point, while some nights still call for heating. This calls for already having your air conditioner prepared, while still firing up the furnace or boiler from time to time.

While it may simply seem normal because the weather is so unpredictable, it’s really a hassle and can result in increased energy bills.

Heat Pumps for Air Conditioning and Heating

The solution to strangely variable weather is a unique HVAC solution — the heat pump. There are multiple versions of heat pumps. One type is a whole-home system that utilizes existing ductwork and can be powered by renewable energy like geothermal. The other available heat pump solution is called a ductless mini-split heat pump. Mini-splits don’t require ductwork so they can easily supplement an existing HVAC system or multiple units can be used throughout the home to create zoned areas.

What makes heat pumps different from traditional HVAC systems is their ability to both heat and cool. One system can provide everything that your furnace or boiler and air conditioner were previously doing. During the shoulder seasons where temperatures change rapidly, adjusting your comfort would only require you to manage the settings for one system. Maintaining one piece of equipment is also simpler, and since heat pumps are extremely efficient, you may also notice rather significant savings in your monthly energy bills.

Air Conditioning & Heating for Your Peoria Area Home

At AAA Northgate One Hour, we specialize in heating and air conditioning solutions for your home. Our team can install a heat pump so you can heat and air condition your home to stay comfortable throughout the entire year. We offer heat pump solutions from Carrier, so you can be sure you’re getting a high-quality, energy efficient system to keep your home’s temperature just the way you like it.

Stop trying to manage multiple HVAC systems and get comfortable for good. Contact us or call (309) 408-0737 to schedule a heat pump consultation for your home today!