Although warm weather has held on for as long as possible this year, the temperatures will drop before you know it. While it’s easy to stay in denial, clinging to the remaining warmth outside, you need to be preparing to stay cozy in subfreezing temperatures that will soon be the norm. An essential piece of keeping your home warm and comfortable this upcoming winter is furnace maintenance so you don’t end up with no heat on the coldest day of the year.

What Are The Benefits of Getting My Furnace Tuned-Up?

All equipment needs to be well-maintained in order to function the way it should. That’s why you take your car for regular service to the dealership or a trusted mechanic.

In the case of your furnace, an expert has to come to you. Since your heating system probably hasn’t been touched since the spring, turning it on and hoping that it’ll run flawlessly all throughout the cold weather is wishful thinking. Having your furnace tuned-up as soon as possible has the following benefits:

  • Keeping your home warm as soon as it gets cold outside.
  • You won’t be overpaying to heat your house because your furnace will run more efficiently.
  • Since the air filter will be cleaned or replaced, and proper venting will be checked, you’ll be able to breathe easy knowing that your furnace isn’t endangering your home’s indoor air quality.

Remember About HVAC Maintenance with a Service Agreement

Although you understand the importance of furnace maintenance, it still probably isn’t always going to be something that’s top of mind, especially with everything else you have going on. Fortunately, maintenance for your HVAC systems can be simple with a maintenance agreement.

  • Have cleanings and tune-ups automatically scheduled so you don’t have to worry about remembering.
  • Save on your energy bills because your heating and cooling equipment will run more efficiently.
  • Avoid unexpected breakdowns and expensive repairs down the line.

AAA Northgate One Hour: Peoria, IL Furnace Experts

At AAA Northgate One Hour, we want your home in the greater Peoria, IL area to be prepared for the colder temperatures that will soon be here. Our expert technicians can provide your furnace with a comprehensive tune-up and cleaning so that you’ll stay warm and cozy when the mercury drops.

Don’t risk having no heat! Call (309) 408-0737 or contact us to schedule a furnace maintenance appointment today.