Home generators are one of those things that we don’t really think about until we need them. But waiting too long to install a whole-house generator can leave you in the dark during the next big outage. By taking action early and installing a generator for home use now, you can rest easy knowing you’ll have nothing to worry about the next time a storm rolls through Illinois and knocks out power at your Peoria, East Peoria, Bloomington, or Pekin home.

How Do Standby Generators Work?

Standby generators use fuel sources like natural gas, diesel, gasoline, propane, or geothermal energy to produce electricity that can then be used to power your home during an outage. Unlike portable generators which need to be manually switched on, standby home generators will sense a power disruption and turn on automatically during an outage.

Some standby generators can be used to power your entire home, while others are only strong enough to keep essential appliances and medical equipment running. At AAA Northgate, we can help you decide on the best standby generator for your needs. We have years of experience with whole-house generator sizing and will make sure your new generator is equipped to power everything you want to keep on during an outage, whether that’s just your refrigerator and HVAC system or your entire home.

Benefits of Backup Power Generators

Standby generators have many benefits during a power outage, including:

  • Preventing food and refrigerated medicine from spoiling
  • Keeping the heat or AC running
  • Charging cellphones, laptops, and other electronic devices
  • Preventing pipes from freezing during a winter outage
  • Maintaining power to essential medical equipment

Have a Generator Installed at Your Peoria or East Peoria Home

A generator gives you peace of mind during a power outage. But in order for your backup generator to work properly, it needs to be installed correctly. At AAA Northgate, our technicians are certified professionals who will expertly install your generator and make sure it’s ready to provide reliable backup power when you need it. We also offer ongoing maintenance and repair services and can keep your generator in optimal condition so that it’s always ready to perform.

For home generator installation in Illinois, partner with the company your friends and neighbors have trusted since 1948—AAA Northgate. We install energy-efficient generators and can help you stay safe and comfortable during the next power outage. To learn more about generators and get answers to questions like “How much are generators?” and “How do geothermal generators work?” reach out to our team today. We’re here to help you maximize your home comfort.

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